Advantage of metal injection molding process

1. As the production of plastic products, metal injection molding  is  a one-time molding process which suitable the complex shape of small metal parts (size usually is 0.02-200g).
2. Metal injection molding  parts well-closed formation, relative density of 95% – 95%, can undertake carburizing, quenching and tempering treatment, such as part of the high precision mechanical processing size can also be used for post-processing.
3. The product accuracy of plus or minus 0.3% to 0.5%, smooth surface  reach to Ra1.6.
4. The product strength, hardness and elongation high mechanical properties, such as good abrasion resistance.Resistance to fatigue, organize uniform.
5. High utilization rate of raw materials, production automation degree is high, the process is simple, sustainable mass production.

6. No pollution, the production process for clean production process.