Applicable occasions of PIM

PIM used to product complex high-performance products; it has wide range of applications, from medical devices to wireless communication components. PIM technology overcomes the many limitations, such as plastic skill performance, traditional powder press forming, machining costs, isostatic pressure slip casting and production efficiency, the surface quality of casting defects and tolerance limits. Therefore, PIM is the best application of injection process that can be shaped, but lack of mechanical and thermal properties or other aspects of domestic situations. This means that small parts with complex shapes, producing more than 5,000 pieces. In fact, some PIM vendors refused to participate in the annual output of less than 200,000 pieces of the project, whose business relies on some very big projects.SAMSUNG Watch Buckles Clasps

Powder injection molding has competition with several other forming technologies, such as precision casting and sand casting, die casting, machining, cold isostatic pressing and slip casting. Shape complexity increases and increased cost competitiveness of PIM, but through the molding and machining of simple parts, the costs of PIM are too high. Another outstanding feature of PIM is a wide range of choice of material. This is one of the most robust of PIM, PIM processing of materials including stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, steel, alloys, ceramics and carbide in electronic and electromagnetic, many of them are difficult to process. PIM is also used in processing of advanced materials, such as ceramic superconductors, intermetallic titanium aluminide, special ceramics, precious and rare metals (gold and silver, rhenium and niobium, Iridium), as well as ceramics–ceramic composites.

Best application of powder injection molding is a manufacturing complex small parts, especially those parts which use other production process require more than one assembly or forming process can be achieved.

Parts of the complexity can be defined through the project measured the dimensional characteristics of the number indicated on many PIM parts in over 50 features. Similarly, small means quality of parts is less than 10G and the maximum size is less than 25mm.
In addition to these major advantages, PIM also has other notable features. For example it can be used in injection molding of parts which manufacture internal and external threads on, it avoid the sintering process. Name, trademark and logo badge can also mold on parts. Moreover, compared with other manufacturing processes, surface quality is usually an advantage of PIM.mim

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