The MIM process of auto parts

Florida in the United States in 1988 publicly held its first meeting metal powde […]

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The characteristics of MIM vacuum sintering furnace and components

The characteristics of MIM metal injection molding vacuum sintering furnace and […]

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The MIM technology in medical applications

In the field of medical apparatus and instruments, the MIM (metal injection mold […]

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MIM metal injection molding future

The MIM (metal injection molding) technology is mainly used in the electronics i […]

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History of powder metallurgy

1,History of powder metallurgy  Powder metallurgy is made of metal or nonme […]


The development of powder metallurgy materials and products

In terms of raw materials, powder metallurgy materials is not a single iron powd […]


The MIM parts are commonly used ways of polishing

1.1 Mechanical polishing Mechanical polishing advantage is processed parts flat, […]


Stainless steel surface treatment of the MIM parts

The MIM parts of stainless steel processing, surface treatment using stainless s […]


The main types of stainless steel features

304: as a kind of widely used steel has good corrosion resistance, heat resistan […]


FAQ4:MIM Metal Injection Molding Process

There is a limit MIM metal injection molding? Like any other technology, the MIM […]