Debinding and Sintering of MIM process

Here is metal injection molding process from defatted to sintering process.Skim part is the purpose of the binder removal in advance, make green has porous, internal channel formation, gas flow.
Figure shown in the first step to skim there are three ways, 1 hot method, mainly used in Japan, 2 solvent method, give priority to with wax agent, dissolve wax, (3) catalysis was nitrate under the action of POM decomposition into gas, is widely used in domestic.
The second step is blank after degreasing solvents or acid into the sintering furnace.Slowly warming or slow heating area into different temperature.Drive in the process of heating in parts of the skeleton effect of binder.So that when the high temperature sintering furnace is no volatile carbon material, it is to ensure that the sintering atmosphere clean.

Third is heating up to the sintering temperature, make the products sintering shrinkage, complete densification process, to achieve the target size.