Different sintering methods for different MIM products

According to material:there are single component system sintering, multicomponent system sintering and multicomponent liquid phase sintering.
Single component system sintering suits pure metal or compound;multicomponent system sintering is the sintering which relates to two or more metals:Cu-Ni,Fe-Ni,Cu-Au,W-Mo,Ag-Au,Fe-Cu,W-Ni,Fe-C,Cu-C,Cu-W,Ag-W etc;multicomponent liquid phase sintering:W-Cu-Ni,WC-Co,TiC-Ni,etc.
According to feeding method:continuous sintering and intermittent sintering
Continuous sintering includes debinding,pre-sintering,sintering,cooling,continuous sintering is efficient, design for bulk production.
Intermittent sintering: green parts are set in furnace stilly,to regulate
Inside temperature by relevant equipment. intermittent sintering could produce the products which require high precision,but it’s not efficient,design for the production which has small quantity.

The factors which could affect sintering quality
There are many different factors could affect sintering quality,but main factors are powder properties,forming conditions and sintering conditions,sintering conditions could be divided into heating speed,cooling speed,sintering temperature and time,pressure condition,etc.
1. sintering temperature and time affect the porosity,density,strength and hardness of brown part,
2. reducing gases,vacuum,hydrogen are the ordinary sintering atmospheres,they could affect the property of brown part directly. Vacuum sintering could avoid the disadvantages of injurious ingredients when its sintering.