FAQ 1: Of MIM Metal Injection Molding Process

The MIM (Metal injection Molding)product density and strength?
The density of the typical MIM (Metal injection Molding)theory is higher than 98%.Specific density depends on the choice of materials, but it’s very close with sophisticated materials.

In the process of removing the adhesive, parts will shrink?
Won’t, the volume of parts will not change in the process of degreasing.But in sintering parts contraction happens in 20%.

what’s different the the MIM(Metal injection Molding) and conventional powder metallurgy process?
The traditional PM powder metallurgy with one-way high pressure to press the rough metal powder into a fixed position to moderately complex manufacturing equipment.In particular, if there is no further improve its density in sintering process, the method of density values between 80-90%, this limits the them the physical properties of alloy.Because of MIM of elasticity that enables the manufacturing of complex products is not restricted.Fine metal powder combined with high temperature sintered MIM production can achieve very high density of the final product.This makes the MIM (Metal injection Molding)products and precision materials have similar features.

In the process of forming the metal was melted?
No, only the adhesive is melted, so that the powder flow like a plastic material.Cooling adhesive parts have a certain strength.Parts after sintering at high density, in order to meet the needs of its mechanical properties.