FAQ2:MIM(metal injection molding) process

In the MIM(metal injection molding) process of forming the metal was melted?
No, only the adhesive is melted, so that the powder flow like a plastic material.Cooling adhesive parts have a certain strength.Parts after sintering at high density, in order to meet the needs of its mechanical properties.

The MIM(metal injection molding) is how to operate?
Fine metal powder made a raw material and adhesive bonding.When heated, the material will become a kind of viscous paddle-shaped substance, high pressure injection mould, then form the model need.Removing from the mold after cooling, and then processed to remove adhesive composition (called skim).The last step (sintering), put it in a controlled high temperature environment, condensed to tight when metal powder dissolved solids.

What is the MIM(metal injection molding) technology?
The MIM is a combination of injection molding and powder metallurgy manufacture technology.

Why do you want to use the MIM(metal injection molding)?
MIM in manufacturing fine, has the advantages on highly complex parts, this part is difficult to use traditional machining or casting technology production, sometimes cost is very high.