FAQ3:MIM Metal Injection Molding Process

What materials can be applied to the MIM?
Almost all of the metal alloys are available in MIM metal injection molding process, typical including high strength steel, stainless steel and nickel alloy and super alloy.Other materials processing including refractory alloys, titanium and copper alloys, low melting point alloy, including brass, bronze, zinc, aluminium, but not economic in MIM process.If you want to learn more can see GIAN the entire process of material selection table.

What is the best way to realize the MIM metal injection molding benefit?
In the early design stage product production cycle, application of MIM technology is the best way to realize the MIM benefit.SOFINE GIAN will assist you in applying the MIM metal injection molding technology, whether new products or the existing conventional metal forming products.

Delivery cycle?
Usually processing and submit a sample lead time is 4 to 8 weeks, but according to the specific engineering demand can shorten delivery cycle.

How much is the annual demand?
In general, the typical product annual demand should be more than 50k, but SOFINE GIAN will consider any beneficial to the customer demand per year.