FAQ4:MIM Metal Injection Molding Process

There is a limit MIM metal injection molding?
Like any other technology, the MIM metal injection molding  technology is limited, the product of the general maximum weight restrictions in 240 grams (from the economic point of view, the general will be limited to not more than 50 grams of weight).Some geometric features have problem (ultra thick or thin section).GIAN will advice to you is suitable for the best product design.

Tolerance range?
The typical MIM tolerance of 0.3% to 0.5%.However, the tolerance to a large extent depends on the geometrical features of the product.Beyond the MIM metal injection molding technology tolerance can be done by machining.GIAN will help you to analysis and provide a full range of choice, to meet the demand of your product.
The MIM can heat treatment or gold plated?
The MIM parts and traditional machining products, heat treatment, plating, processing or forging.GIAN has its own heat treatment and plating equipment so as to provide a complete finished product components.