How to estimate of powder metallurgy products

Powder metallurgy parts cost and powder metallurgical parts the production course and practical content, the batch size and the mold cost related to. Especially and mold production costs and batch size are closely related. A complex shape parts, mold production costs and requirements of press grades reflected the pressing charges although higher, but due to the bulk, when assessed by single, can reduce cost greatly.

Powder metallurgy parts the production of direct cost is divided into five areas: materials; die; pressing; sintering; subsequent treatment.

Metal powder cost is generally higher than the corresponding metal casting cost, this is because the metal powder to energy consumption and other factors. Of course, powder metallurgy material utilization rate is very high, therefore, produced products after the total cost of materials is not always higher than that of casting and forging process to manufacture the parts. Powder metallurgy product material utilization rate is in commonly 95% ~ 98%.