Metal Injection Molding gears

Powder metallurgy gears include: bevel gear, dual-gear, gear box gears, planetary gears, ring gear, rack, sector gears, bevel gears, spur gears, sun gear, helical gear, gear shaft, flat gears, spur gears, double layer gear, synchronous pulley, helical gear, sprocket, ratchet, multi-gears, micro-gear, small modulus gear, special gear, differential bevel gear, reducer gears, variable speed gear motor, all kinds of precision gears. 

The miniaturisation of components is gaining in importance in many sectors such as medical technology, biotechnology and drive technology, with an increasing demand for  micro metal components. We found micro gear wheels using metal injection moulding (MIM).
A micro gear wheel, which is manufactured by means of fully-automatic series production using the metal powder injection moulding process, is the result of cooperation between wbk, Kugele and ARBURG. These gear wheels can be used as components in micro-motors in medical technology or telecommunications sectors. The requirements of fully-automatic production made it necessary to automatically remove the sprue of the moulded part (which is much larger than the gear wheel itself) with a high degree of accuracy in the mould. The sprue material is 100% recyclable and can be reused in production.
Micro meta components are not only becoming ever smaller they are also required to have several functions at the same time. For example, they must have sufficient load bearing strength and be able to transmit mechanical forces and movements independent of environmental influences. In this way, this type of part can take on an important role in micro system technology, such as for example mini submarines which have to travel through the human bloodstream in order to deliver the necessary medication directly to the seat of the disease. Such demanding applications often require measurements in nanometers.

The  metal  injection moulding process or MIM  has been significantly improved in recent years, with many of the technological advances having been developed jointly by universities and industry. A good example is the research partnership of the injection moulding mould specialist Herbert Kugele (Schömberg Langenbrand), the Institut für Werkzugmaschinen and Betriebstechnik (wbk) (Institute of Machine Tools and Production Science) at the University of Karlsruhe, which took on the task of automating the overall process, and the injection moulding machine manufacturer – ARBURG in Lossburg. This partnership has successfully worked together to vigorously demonstrate the potential of the micro PIM process for the production of high quality parts in medium to large quantities.


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