Metal injection molding process

Powder injection molding(PIM),which consists of  metal injection molding(MIM) and Ceramic injection molding (CIM) is a major  emerging technology,with sales of more than 1.5 billion in 2010,MIM markets.

The MIM is widely applied, including daily necessities, such as cars, mobile phones, watches, home appliances, cameras, and is equipped with the MIM parts of electric tools, etc.MIM market very different from all over the world, in general, the Asian market is mainly the MIM IT and electronic instruments, mainly North America medical, dental and mechanical applications, while Europe and the United States are mainly automotive and consumer products.

Typical MIM products with smaller size, the shape is very complicated, the intensity is high, medium/high surface roughness and medium/precision of tolerance.Because it is near the end, can save expensive machining operation and reduce the number of parts need thus MIM technology is quite competitive.MIM design of complex shape ability, make its can combine the functions of multiple parts assembled in one part.
The MIM technology and other advantages
1. The MIM process can be highly automated, therefore, for a large number of production is competitive;
2. The MIM parts can be designed as wall is very thin, fine mirror hole, thread and other details;
3. The MIM technology friendly to the environment, at the same time, than to other process need to consume less energy.

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