Metal powder injection molding fan

Metal powder mixed with organic binder to become has the rheological property of the material, the injection molding machine injection cavity formation, ware by removing binder and sintering, make its highly dense a forming metal fan.Metal powder injection molding fan including.Metal powder injection molding fan uniform density, good balance performance , prolong the service life of the fan, high temperature resistant performance is better, the cooling effect is increased, the production cost compared with the metal welding fan was reduced by 80% or more.





The advantage of metal powder injection molding fan:
1.Thermal performance is good, metal blades have good heat transfer performance, under the same conditions, metal blades than plastic blades can faster cooling, protect the electronic components and reduce energy consumption.
2.The metal injection molding fan is heat-resistant, plastic fan blade is easy to heat deformation, extend the life of the fan.
3. Suitable for large quantity, the metal blade cost more than 80% lower than the other way, with strong market competitiveness

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