Metal powder injection molding of Sofine Tech

Our company production of an important buttons on the iPod is composed of five powder injection molding parts, added up to no more than 0.5 cubic centimeter。
“Apple, Microsoft, huawei, lenovo, BMW global well-known enterprises are Gian customers.Metal powder injection molding technology using polymer blending modification, polymer degradation, polymer molding technology principle, combining with the characteristics of powder injection near net shaping technology and product features, won the invention patent.
Laptop computer with a built-in metal fan, and a leading global technology.Metal fan leaves only 3.5 cm in diameter, the thinnest place to 0.15 mm.Production of small metal parts, is the industry technical requirements are very high.For example, a small mobile phone cato, if by machining center production, production of only one per hour, and now with the company developed equipment, less than 3 seconds can produce 1, greatly improve production efficiency.Metal powder injection molding in the communications electronics, high precision sensors, minimally invasive medical equipment industry has important significance.