MIM For medical devices Tool

1. How to choose the cutting tool material? Due to the processing of stainless steel parts with high cutting force, cutting temperature, cutting tool material should choose high strength, good thermal conductivity cemented carbide.

Quenching parts processing, can use CBN inserts, CBN hardness can reach 7000 ~ 8000 HV, high abrasion resistance,CBN advantage is heat resistance is much higher than diamond, up to 1200 ℃.It can withstand high cutting temperature. When CBN and iron metal in 1200 ~ 1300 ℃ can’t afford to chemistry, therefore it is very suitable for processing stainless steel materials. The tool life is several dozen times the cemented carbides or ceramic cutting tool. Tool life is several times high than the carbide cutting tools or ceramic tools.

2. Cutting tool geometry parameter play an important role on its cutting performance, to make light, smooth, carbide tools should adopt a larger rake angle to improve tool life. Before the general rough machining, Angle of 10 ° ~ 20 °, semi-finishing take 15 ° ~ 20 °; When finishing take 20 ° to 30 °.Main angle selection basis: when the process system rigidity is good, desirable 30 ° ~ 45 °; The process system rigidity is poor, then take 60 ~ 75 °, when the workpiece length to diameter ratio exceeds 10 times, it is desirable 90 °.

3. The front and rear of the tool should be carefully sharpened to ensure a smaller roughness, thereby reducing the chip flow resistance, avoid chips sticking knife.

4. Keep a sharp edge tool to reduce work hardening, feed rate and cutting tool back should not be too small, in order to prevent the cutting tool in the hardened layer, affecting tool life.

5. Pay attention to the grinding chip breaker groove, cutting tool rake surface of chip breaker groove grinding should be appropriate, so that the chip cutting process interruption, chip capacitors, chip removal is convenient.

6. Cutting fluid selection suitable to the characteristics of stainless steel, if choose high chlorine cutting fluid, and has good lubrication and cooling, cleaning and antirust effect does not contain mineral oil, do not contain the aqueous solution of salts, such as H1L – 2 synthetic cutting fluid.