MIM metal injection molding future

The MIM (metal injection molding) technology is mainly used in the electronics industry in Asia market, in the north American market is mainly used in medical equipment and other fields, in Europe is more focus on cars and consumer goods industry.

Smart phones, wearable devices and consumer electronics become more and more light,  core components of this productsi is also more motors and complication.MIM technology has been widely used in the cato, cameras, buttons, connectors, connector, built-in structure, watchcase, clasp structure of manufacturing consumer electronic products such as appearance.

At present, the MIM(metal injection molding) technology in the field of laptop and tablet is mainly used for the fan, shaft and other parts of form a complete set, in general the MIM products in the field of application scale is still small.However, notebook and tablet of thin, lightweight trend has been reflected, the application of MIM products will further promote the development of lightweight.In the future, with a laptop and tablet to other parts of the large-scale application of MIM products, even laptop and tablet PC shipments fell back, MIM present scattered in this area will also be applied to the development of large-scale application trend, prompting the MIM product demand quick release.

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