MIM mould structure design plays a very important

MIM mould structure design plays a very important role in injection molding parts, in the case of other process conditions, high quality mould can improve the forming quality and the comprehensive performance of parts.For MIM mold production enterprises, therefore, need to consider the influence factors of injection mold, actively improve the quality of the mould.

Improve the quality of the mold from the mold material, mold structure of the usability and safety performance, maintainability and other aspects of mold parts.Because the mold is a mold with multiple different parts of tools, including some parts often need to change.Therefore, mold manufacturing enterprises need to emphasize sharply the maintainability design of the mould.

The MIM selection of mould materials to meet customer requirements for the quality of the product, both the cost of materials and material strength.MIM mold material selection need according to the customer to the nature of the injection molding of powder materials, products selection and affinity of the smaller mould material, to prevent sticking later mould parts wear, and thus affect the quality of the mould and products release effect.

Besides above material work, to improve the quality of the MIM mould should also will pay attention to mold the maintainability of the mould structure design steps.The mould structure design, compact structure, convenient operation, as far as possible and ensure that the mold parts have sufficient strength and rigidity.

In the mold structure allows, in order to avoid stress concentration on the surface of the mold parts each corner design into the rounded transition;For concave mold, mold and part of punch, core, can be combined or inlay spelling structure to eliminate the stress concentration, long and thin convex mold or core, to take appropriate protective measures on the structure.

For injection mould, should prevent parts or waste blocked device (such as: play the top pin, compressed air, etc.).At the same time, consider how to reduce the sliding fit and frequent collision parts in the long-term use of wear and tear caused by the impact on the quality of the mould.

In the design must be reduced in the scope of maintenance one parts need to tear open outfit, especially when replacement parts, as far as possible to reduce the scope of its disassembling.