MIM Part For Mobile Phone SIM Tray

You may not know the MIM (Metal injection Molding) process,you must know the part of  SIM Tray, the mobile phone metal SIM tray is made by MIM process

Metal powder injection molding manufacturing processes generally include: mixing granulation, injection molding, skim, sintering and surface treatment to achieve the production of parts, the product characteristics determine whether the surface treatment.

Now,MIM technology can not only applied to mobile phone SIM tray, has also been widely used in various automotive, medical device, electronics, industrial, consumer and other sectors, products related to include auto parts, aerospace equipment, mobile phones, dental instruments, electronic radiator and sealed packaging, electronic connector hardware, industrial tools, optical fiber connector, spray system, disk drives, medical equipment, handheld electric tools, surgical instruments and sports equipment etc., the future of MIM technology will involve more industries.

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