MIM Parts Application

MIM(metal injection molding) technology applications has been involved in various fields of national economy, the market prospect is broad,such as:
1.Computer and auxiliary facilities: such as printer parts, magnetic core, striker pin, drive components;

Customized Computer Hinge

2.Tools: gun drill, drill head, power tools, hand tools, wrenches, milling head, nozzle, etc;
3.Household appliances: watch case, watch chain, electric toothbrushes, scissors, fans, golf head, simulation jewelry, and other parts of the tool tip;
High Quality SAMSUNG Watch Buckles Clasps4.Medical equipment parts, such as tooth orthopaedic frame, scissors, tweezers;
Custom Medical Knife Handle

5.Military weapons parts: missile tail, parts of firearms, bullet, liner, fuze parts;
firearms parts for MIM6.Electrical parts: micro motor parts, electronic parts, sensor, mobile phones, BP machine parts;
High Performance Mobile Phone Hinge7.Mechanical parts: loose cotton machine, spinning machine, sewing machine, office machinery such as all kinds of small complex parts;
Textile Machinery Parts For Low Cost MIM Product
8.Automotive, Marine parts,the inner ring of the clutch, the rocker panel board, fork set, distributor set, car airbag parts, car locks;
Automotive Lock