MIM technology using the metal mold, mold life longer.Because of MIM process using the metal mold, the MIM is suitable for the mass production of parts.Due to the use of injection molding products blank.Greatly improve the production efficiency, reduces the production cost, and injection molding product consistency and repeatability.Any powder material that is capable of high temperature water knot usually can cause parts by MIM process, including the traditional manufacturing technology of hard processing material and high melting point materials.In addition, the MIM can according to customer’s requirements in terms of ingredients, making any combination of alloy material, will conform to the material molding parts.
MIM technology using micro powder, can accelerate the sintering shrinkage, is beneficial to increase mechanical properties of the materials, prolong the fatigue life of materials, and can improve resistance, stress corrosion resistance and magnetic, for hard, brittle hard cutting material or geometric complex, raw materials are contaminated parts,  the MIM technology can greatly save the cost.Such as processing typewriter printing element guide rod, it usually takes 14 working procedure, by use of MIM technology, only 6 working procedure can save half of the cost.