MIM Metal Injection Molding Process

The minimum or maximum thickness on any parts mainly depends on parts of design and size。
Needs the most attention is the MIM technology in the process of forming parts could fully pouring。
For example, if the local thickness of 0.01 inches, it can fully populated, but if the thickness of parts across four inches length, it is not fully filled in.In general, the optimal wall thickness is 0.04 inches to 0.120 inches, of course, the ideal thickness to the overall size of the parts.Reduce the wall thickness can reduce raw material consumption and cost of spare parts.A small chamfer is shown in the figure of thin-wall MIM parts.The picture shows the smallest possible wall thickness of the general guiding principle depends on the size of the chamfer.
Wall thickness can be largest to 0.500 inches, but, with the increase of wall thickness, corresponding increase in raw material consumption, forming period and debinding and sintering cycle will be extended.The increase of the each link all represents the increased cost of parts.