Molding temperature of the metal powder injection molding

Forming temperature include: cylinder, nozzle, and mold temperature.

Molding temperature is one of the three process conditions, related to the plastics material, mobility, filling and other conditions. Including the following factors:

1.The kinds of powder injection molding machine
Screw-type injection molding machine cylinder temperature is lower than the required plunger. The reason as follow:

a:Screw machine material layer is thinner.

b.Material in the process of screw propulsion flip unceasingly, is advantageous to the heat transfer.

c.Materials of friction when the reverse movement to generate heat.

2.The thickness of powder metallurgy products.

For thin-walled MIM products require materials have higher liquidity can be full of cavity, therefore need high molding temperature

3.Varieties and properties of powder metallurgy injection molding materials.

a.For thermoplastic binder, cylinder temperature slightly higher than the nozzle temperature, higher than the mold temperature. For thermosetting adhesive, slightly higher than the nozzle temperature, mould temperature is higher than the cylinder temperature.

b.For trial production products to observe the presence of coarse, corrugated, bubble.