About our company

Our company Sofine Gian owns Germany kramer continuous furnace, vacuum sintering furnace from shimadzu, extrusion granulation equipment, degreasing equipment, special feed mixing equipment and advanced injection molding equipment, as well as CNC machining center, wire cutting machine, high precision spark machine, milling machine, grinder, lathe, drilling machine, sawing machine and so on, can independently manufacture processing precision molds.

The company has high-performance PVD vacuum coating equipment, laser engraving machine, flat grinding machine, automatic spray cleaning line, reciprocating engine, hand spray cabinets, automatic sandblasting machine, sandblasting machine manually, and perfect testing equipment, can according to customer requirements to meet different performance testing needs. Company currently has advanced level of equipment is in the leading position in the industry.

In order to ensure the project quality of the products, our company have purchased the most advanced American OGP optical image measuring instrument and upscale image measuring instrument, vickers hardness tester, the Japanese sanfeng tool microscope, BT – 9300 – s, laser particle size distribution, melt flow rate testing machine, high-speed automatic ignition furnace, microcomputer carbon sulfur high-speed automatic analyzer, salt spray testing machine, etc.

We have strong technical strength, research and development team, specialized in powder injection molding technology research and development. There are 10 senior engineers in the r&d team, they are in the powder injection molding industry more than 13 years of work experience, in addition with the mold engineer, process engineer, equipment engineer, team strength in the domestic leading level.At the same time also get the technical support of foreign counterparts. Company’s existing customers include: Gionee, Lenovo, Cool, Green Dot, Millet, Samsung, Huawei, Flextronics, BBK, OPPO, FITBIT, SONY…