PIM Design guideline

Fast Assessment of a part suitable for metal or ceramic injection molding based on

Normally yearly demand over 20k and typical weight from 0.02-50g will be highly cost been considered.
PIM tcehnology is specially profit for component has holes,slots.ribs,protrusions,and multiple features.The typical max outlet is range from 25mm to 35mm,wall thickness 0.08 to 10mm.


Several aspects of PIM component design improve the ease of manufacturing,,and there are a number of design features that should be avoided.These are categorized as follows:
Axisymmetric,nonsymmetrical,prismatic,square,and freeform featues
Cantilever and nonsymmetrical shapes
Stiffening ribs and locator features for assembly
Protrusions,bosses,and studs
Most hole shapes are allowed,including blind and through holes
Holes at angles to one anther
External teeth,external or internal theeads
Knurled and waffle surfaces
Part number or identification logo created by the mould

Features to avoid as follows:
Inside closed cavities
Undercuts on internal bores
Very sharp corners or edges-desired radius greater than 0.05mm
Long pieces without a draft or taper to allow ejection

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