PIM of mobile phone parts

Powder injection molding applications in the mobile phone accessories more widely.Market needs to be lighter, thinner and more aesthetic phone, we need to use the best technology to reduce the size and weight of the mobile phone, metal injection molding process is suitable for manufacturing cell phone assembly parts.
A mobile phone brand President said: “our first mobile phone is manufactured aluminum metal, we found that in order to meet the requirements of all, metal injection molding method is the best, in many cases it is the only choice”.But for mobile phone parts, the metal injection molding is not the first consideration because the mobile phone market life is very short, the style is changing rapidly, and metal injection molding method long production cycle, production cost is higher.
Now there are several parts in mobile phone is made in metal injection molding , for example: manufactured tungsten oscillator balance weight, high strength steel hinge, metal injection molding method in the mobile phone is the most important application in manufacturing ramp, barrel and hinge.The advantage of metal injection molding method and the increase of metal injection molding technology will increase its application in the mobile phone manufacturing, mobile phone manufacturing industry should be paid more attention in the method of metal injection molding.
The metal injection molding method is used to make some complicated structure and function of mobile phone, from the manufacturing cost and time consideration, ordinary mobile phones are not suitable for using metal injection molding parts.
Powder injection molding application widely. With the development of social economy, powder injection molding will be more mature.

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