PIM Quality Inspection

The last stage of the PIM production is the quality inspection, to ensure the delivery of the products conform to the requirements. A lot of PIM suppliers have passed the quality system – for captive production adopt ISO9001; For custom production adopt ISO9002. Inspection in time when errors occur , rather than after manufacturing. The Testing could be used in manufacturing or places. After adopted appropriate quality system, the user will not pass inspection and accept the delivery.The disk drive industry is in this situation,millions of PIM parts is based on the PIM quality system that is used by the supplier will send the goods without the need for inspection. The PIM industry benchmark is up to 50 million parts of shipment without defects. In order to achieve the quality level, we need to all-round cooperation, to ensure that manufacturers understand the functional features of parts and delivery acceptable only qualified parts.

Detailed quality control associated with the first delivery of products, including various measuring characteristics and special requirements of data – size, hardness, microstructure, chemical and other characteristics. As inspection standard parts production, it need to identify a number of factors what needs to be measured, how to measure, where is the production of measurement, the measured frequency is how much, how many samples each use, how to extract the sample, associated with the measurement of batch size. Typically, each industry has direct to implement the inspection standards.

Statistical process control is an important technology. SPC is used as an intermediate in the manufacturing process, the actual process used to assess the extent of drift state of the standard conditions, the purpose is to make the process products of the PIM are maintained within acceptable range. Certain fluctuations in any process, but the SPC could lead the products beyond the acceptable range of process capability for continuous monitoring of drift.