PIM Surface Treatment

PIM Parts of the surface treatment is very common, used to improve  the functionality and aesthetics of parts.All common treatment technology can be used, including coating, spray coating, painting, polishing cleaning, anodized, coating, sealing wax and laser glazing, etc.PIM steel parts adopt surface hardening heat treatment for resilient core and hardness of the steel surface.From within the scope of lacquer to the surface hardening of a variety of coating technology were used on the PIM parts but the most used is plating.The plating is used to improve the parts appearance or corrosion degrees.Most electroplating coatings are used for ferroalloy, using chromium, nickel, copper, silver or gold, zinc and cadmium.Nickel plating is very popular in original equipment firearms or magnetic, early cadmium plating has been widely used in electronic components.Due to environmental pollution problems, the dosage has began to decrease.Traditional powder metallurgy parts of holes on the surface, and structure of sintering PIM is approximate without holes.As a result, the plating process in essentially the same as the other procedures used in the process.

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