Powder injection molding parts of Uav engine with ceramic

Silicon nitride with high temperature stability, good wear 

resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, heat resisting 

impact and the features of low density (weight) has been 

regarded as a potential ceramic material.

A research project at Oregon state university has been 

investigating the use of silicon nitride powder injection 

molding manufacturing for unmanned aerial vehicle  (uav) 

engine components.Goal is to develop a kind of high 

efficiency and energy saving of power systems, to run in 

remote locations, and has very low maintenance 


Uav engine project adopts a kind of new material system, by 

the nano and micro level of silicon nitride powder 

mixtures.Magnesium oxide and yttrium oxide as sintering 

additive.Powder by a paraffin wax based multi-component 

polymer adhesive mixing.Adhesive powder volume solid 

content (60%) to analyze its properties and forming 

characteristics.Research involves several steps of 

development and processing operations.Includes: analysis of 

torque meter, mix scale up, glue powder performance 

measurement, the o’s 221 m forming machine for injection 

molding, adhesive removal, sintering, scanning electron 

microscope (sem) analysis and mechanical property 


Now in the process of injection molding simulation to 

evaluate the feasibility of manufacturing ceramic engine, 

and optimum technological parameters were determined.The 

study using a successful development of design parameters, 

manufacturing silicon nitride powder injection molding are 

engine parts is possible.