Powder metallurgy and mechanical process of comparative advantage

1. Powder metallurgy processes are easy to produce a variety of special-shaped hole shape, both parts are irregularly shaped, protruding or pits,, no or just need a little bit of cutting. Powder metallurgy process has a good economy.
2. Powder metallurgy process utilization of raw materials up to 99.6%
3. Powder metallurgy parts consistency is very good, but hard to stick with the machining consistency.

4. Powder metallurgy process can be integrated several parts production, saving after treatment and assemble fee.

5. Powder metallurgy parts material density can be controlled, with a certain amount of open pore, and lubricating oil containing leaching is 3% to 22%, will be many levels of self-lubricating, procession and abrasion resistance.
6. In the powder metallurgy production, because of the mould has high degree of finish homework appearance, and then make the part appearance also has high finish.

Because parts of powder metallurgy can also like mechanical parts for plating, coating, heat treatment and other subsequent disposal, so its products widely used in all kinds of gear, synchronous belt wheel, all kinds of table wheel, each oil pump rotor, lock parts and the ratchet wheel and pawl, special-shaped blade, grinding wheel connecting rod, distance set, heterotypic components, valve plate, such as all kinds of mechanical parts.