Powder metallurgy HSS Cutting Performance

In recent years, along with the powder metallurgy HSS Cutting Performance, high speed steel tool market share rose. Compared with ordinary high-speed steel cutting tools, powder metallurgy HSS Tool higher hardness, toughness and better, more resistant to wear, so in some application areas, powder metallurgy high-speed steel has gradually replaced the brittleness, in cutting impact prone to shatter the whole hard alloy tools trend.

Powder metallurgy high speed steel fabrication and common high speed steel preparation process is different, the molten steel is poured into molds directly, but through a small nozzle blowing into the stream of nitrogen gas atomization, sprayed molten steel rapid cooling for small steel particles due to molten steel in solution of carbide in the rapid cooling process too late to precipitate and form clumps, thus obtained for the steel grain fine particles and uniform distribution of carbides in.