Powder metallurgy in Auto parts industry

Powder metallurgy new technology, new craft appear constantly, will promote the rapid development of high technology industry, will also bring bright prospect material engineering and manufacturing technology.


Due to powder metallurgy technology with saving raw materials, light weight, excellent performance, low cost, numerous advantages, in addition to the engine, transmission and electric motor bearing, the scope of using powder metallurgy parts in the car now is becoming more and more wide, more parts to be used in the place such as chassis, body, interior, promising prospects.At present, the use of powder metallurgy parts in the car has more than 1000 kinds.The personage inside course of study points out, powder metallurgy structural parts in the replacement of the existing gear, CAM, sprocket, various shapes of castings, forgings, cutting and developing new structure parts has a unique advantage.


In order to achieve the human and the nature harmonious coexistence, must change the existing way of life, save energy and reduce CO2 emissions, protect the ecological, to meet the advent of the era of low carbon, are increasingly using of new energy vehicles.Developing powder metallurgy new technology research, to meet the arrival of the era of low carbon, new energy use has very important significance, powder metallurgy parts is toward the development of energy conservation and emissions reduction targe