Powder Metallurgy of convertible car roof clamp

Application—–Automobile Part
Application and Function—– when the roof of convertible car is open, the hand-actuated latch is be applied to lock the movable part with the car.
Materials—-Fe-2Ni steel (MIM-2200 level)
Feeding—-The mixture of carbonyl iron powder, carbonyl nickel powder and Poly formaldehyde adhesive.
Details of technology—-To accomplish mold in heating mold, and then undergo the process of catalysis and debinding, after sintering in hydrogen.
Difficulty—-To accomplish the design which coordinates with manual operation and telecontrol.
Performance—-Part weights is 14g, after sintering the density is 7.5g/cm3.
Other considerations included: the original design is made by plastic, but the plastic is easily to be out of operation. In order to satisfy the strength requirement, the mental part has been bring into production quickly.

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