Powder metallurgy parts in automobile and motorcycle

Automobile and motorcycle with powder metallurgy parts include: CAM, gear, sprocket, bar, fasteners, support structure, bearing, impeller and hydraulic parts, etc.
Automobile and motorcycle with powder metallurgy parts can reduce the cost, because the powder metallurgy process has the following advantages:
1.High material utilization.
2.Low energy consumption, can be energy saving.
3.Production volume, the lower the production cost, is very suitable for mass production of automobile and motorcycle industry.
4.According to the use of functional parts, preparation of suitable material composition.
5.By the method of sintering and injection molding, powder metallurgy process can be made with any shape of complex parts, can meet the needs of the automobile and motorcycle industry product model updating.
6.Made by powder metallurgy method of mechanical structure components, can achieve the precision of size tolerance and surface roughness after grinding.
7.Powder metallurgy parts does not produce any toxic substances in favor of the environment.
8.For the production of new varieties of parts, powder metallurgy of investment is far lower than other production methods.
It is because of powder metallurgy has so many advantages, so the powder metallurgy parts are important in the automotive and motorcycle industry.