Powder metallurgy products wax

Powder metallurgy products wax is to prevent and reduce the corrosion of iron based products, soaked in oil after also must be coated with wax, to isolate the product of contact with the outside world. So, in the long-distance transport or a longer period of time saved in wax, the wax should be first heated to 60 to 80 DEG C, will clean up the products into wax liquid, and immediately removed, i.e. in the surface coated with a layer of uniform wax, cool before packaging.
Wax liquid is made of paraffin and petroleum jelly composition, seasonal different with different proportion. Plus Vaseline is designed to enhance the wax liquid dry fastness, not cracking. The high temperature of Vaseline can add less, low temperatures may be appropriate to increase the proportion of vaseline. 20% commonly used Vaseline, paraffin wax 80%.