Powder Metallurgy Suitable For Small And Complex Products With Auto Spare Parts

Small complex metal parts with less process, no cutting or less cutting, high economic benefit, etc. The products are mainly high density, high precision, the structure of 3 d complex shape parts.Especially suitable for mass production of of metal parts with small, complex and special requirement.

Small complex metal parts compared to the parts of machining or  precision casting, having more uniform internal organizational structure.Small complex metal parts  with high precision and good surface finish ,and  don’t  have to be reprocessed or just a few finishing.Available for carburizing, quenching and tempering heat treatment,With hard, brittle, hard cutting material or casting parts, segregation or pollution can reduce manufacturing costs.

SofineGian specialized in the research and development of powder injection molding products, providing large quantities of various ferrous-based and stainless steel structural parts, functional components and appearance components with high precision, complex shape, good mechanical properties and delicate appearance to meet various customers’ needs.