Powder of Metal injection molding(MIM)

Metal injection molding process which is selected the right metal powder and binder, mixed powder and binder into a uniform feed under a predetermined temperature,Then granulating and injection molding. Metal powder refers to the metal particle size less than 1 mm group, including single metal powder, alloy powder, and certain refractory compounds with characteristics of metal powder.

Metal powder performance reflects the nature of the metal itself and the properties of a single particle and the nature of particle group. The general properties of metal powder can be divided into chemical properties, physical properties and process performance.

Chemical performance refers to the metal content and impurity content. Physical properties include the average powder particle size and particle size distribution, the surface and true density of the powder, particle shape, surface morphology and internal microstructure. Process performance is a kind of comprehensive performance, including powder liquidity, apparent density, tap density, compressibility, forming and sintering size changes, etc.In addition, for some special purpose also requires powder with other chemical and physical properties, such as catalytic properties, electrochemical activity, corrosion resistance, magnetic properties, internal friction coefficient, etc.

The basic properties of the metal powder available specific standard test method for determining. Powder particle size determination method generally used sieve analysis, sedimentation analysis, gas through method and microscope method, etc. Ultrafine powder (< 0.5 microns) using an electron microscope and X-ray small Angle scattering measurement.