Stainless steel surface treatment of the MIM parts

The MIM parts of stainless steel processing, surface treatment using stainless steel sand blasting process.What is sand blasting process?


Sand blasting technology, using compressed air as the power, in order to form the adjustment for high speed jet injection will be expected to be need to deal with the workpiece surface.Mainly has the following features:
(1) improved mechanical properties on the surface of the workpiece,
(2) makes the surface of the workpiece for cleanliness and different roughness,
(3) to make on the surface of the workpiece surface appearance appearance or shape change, because the abrasive effect on impact on the surface of the workpiece and cutting, improves the fatigue resistance, and also increased between the coating and sand strength, make the film more durable, surface flow and adornment effect is better.

Stainless steel sand blasting process compared with other cleaning technology has the following features:
First, sandblasting processing is the most complete, most common, the most rapid and efficient cleaning method.
Second, sandblasting processing can choose between different roughness, and other process is unable to do this.Manual grinding can play rough but too slow, the chemical solvent cleaning for smooth surface coating adhesive.