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The characteristics of MIM vacuum sintering furnace and components

The characteristics of MIM metal injection molding vacuum sintering furnace and […]

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The MIM technology in medical applications

In the field of medical apparatus and instruments, the MIM (metal injection mold […]

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MIM metal injection molding future

The MIM (metal injection molding) technology is mainly used in the electronics i […]

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FAQ4:MIM Metal Injection Molding Process

There is a limit MIM metal injection molding? Like any other technology, the MIM […]


FAQ2:MIM(metal injection molding) process

In the MIM(metal injection molding) process of forming the metal was melted? No, […]


FAQ 1: Of MIM Metal Injection Molding Process

The MIM (Metal injection Molding)product density and strength? The density of th […]


The Metal Injection Molding Process

The MIM technology overview Metal injection molding (MIM) is a typical subject o […]


The Metal Injection Molding Mould Design

Sofine Gina Ability Metal injection molding mould design and manufacturing is th […]


Advantage of metal injection molding process

1. As the production of plastic products, metal injection molding  is &nbsp […]


Metal injection molding process

Powder injection molding(PIM),which consists of  metal injection molding(MI […]

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