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The MIM process of auto parts

Florida in the United States in 1988 publicly held its first meeting metal powde […]

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The customer visit our factory

Sofine Gian is a professional metal powder injection molding (MIM) products manu […]


MIM Part For Mobile Phone SIM Tray

You may not know the MIM (Metal injection Molding) process,you must know the par […]

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Metal powder injection molding fan

Metal powder mixed with organic binder to become has the rheological property of […]

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Molding temperature of the metal powder injection molding

Forming temperature include: cylinder, nozzle, and mold temperature. Molding tem […]


Metal Powder Injection Molding of biopsy forceps parts

Biopsy forceps parts are medical equipment products, used to do gastroscope stom […]

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The application of PIM in military

Powder metallurgy technology has been widely applied in the ammunition. Such as […]


Defect control of metal powder injection molding

Metal powder injection molding in order to obtain a desired shape of a defect-fr […]

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Trailblazing technique of elaborate components—-Metal powder injection molding

Metal Powder Injection Molding is a new technique,the company called Parmatech w […]