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The MIM process of auto parts

Florida in the United States in 1988 publicly held its first meeting metal powde […]

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History of powder metallurgy

1,History of powder metallurgy  Powder metallurgy is made of metal or nonme […]


The development of powder metallurgy materials and products

In terms of raw materials, powder metallurgy materials is not a single iron powd […]


The main types of stainless steel features

304: as a kind of widely used steel has good corrosion resistance, heat resistan […]


FAQ 1: Of MIM Metal Injection Molding Process

The MIM (Metal injection Molding)product density and strength? The density of th […]


Surface treatment of powder metallurgy parts

The main purpose of the surface treatment of powder metallurgy parts are below:& […]


Metal Injection Molding gears

Powder metallurgy gears include: bevel gear, dual-gear, gear box gears, planetar […]

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Powder Metallurgy of convertible car roof clamp

Application—–Automobile Part Application and Function—– […]

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Metal Injection Molding with cemented carbide

The MIM-metal injection molding with cemented carbide is a new technology. Cemen […]

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Powder Metallurgy Products For Earphone Parts

Mtal injection molding products for earphone parts, the user’s listening e […]

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