The application of Metal injection molding technology areas

The application of Metal injection molding technology areas:
1.Computer and auxiliary facilities, such as printer parts, magnetic core, firing pin shaft pin, drive components.
2.Tools, such as drilling, cutting head, nozzle, gun drill, spiral milling cutter, the punch, sleeve, wrenches, electrical tools, hand tools, etc.
3.Household appliances: watch cases, watch fobs, fans, electric toothbrushes, scissors, Golf Club heads, jewelry chain, clamp for ball point pens, cutlery knife head parts.
4.Medical machinery parts: such as correction of teeth, scissors, tweezers.
5.Military parts: missile wing, gun parts, bullet, liners, fuze part.
6.Electrical Parts: electronic packaging, micro-motors, electronic components, sensors
7.Mechanical Parts: as loose cotton machines, textile machines, crimping machines, office machinery, etc.
8.Auto marine parts: clutch inner ring, fork sets, Distributor, Valve Guide, synchronizing hub, airbags etc

Powder metallurgy outlook
Due to its technical and economic advantages has been highly valued both at home and abroad, and its products have been widely used in many fields from military and civilian.Application of several materials of Metal injection molding products are expanding,Such as stainless steel is a kind of special steel grade high alloy content, it has a series of excellent performance.But because used in automobile parts, aerospace parts, small gun parts, orthodontics, surgery set machinery, medical gas collecting chamber, electric toothbrush gear, hand watchcase, spectacle frames, lock core, drive shaft and shell, semiconductor production equipment of machining tools, daily forceps, pliers, drilling tools, beverage packaging system such as “J” and “+” joints, bearing cage, valve parts, decoration, etc.

The emergence of metal injection molding technology for high melting point, difficult processing of cemented carbide materials application has brought the opportunity.The metal injection molding cemented carbide product profit margin is higher than most of the Fe – Ni and stainless steel products,is expected to become new development hot spot in the 1980 of the 20th century after stainless steel injection molding.

Successful production of powder metallurgy including carbide cutting tools, micro drills, centrifuges, nozzle, all kinds of parts, piston pumps, filters, a variety of sports goods, textile machinery with wire machine, golf head, strap, watchcase, etc.Ceramic materials in the field of national defense of the high-tech industry and civilian industry has a wide range of application and development potential, but because of some brittle ceramic materials itself and some special ceramic materials of high hard, made by traditional powder metallurgy process preparation of small volume, complex shape, high dimension precision ceramic parts, to a great extent, restricts its application scope.

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