The application of PIM in military

Powder metallurgy technology has been widely applied in the ammunition. Such as 20 mm, 50 mm of pure iron powder metallurgy rotating elastic belt, tungsten metal powder metallurgical kinetic energy penetrator core, metal powder injection molding penetrator tail, sunder armor ammunition cover, homing seeker of powder metallurgy parts, etc.

Powder metallurgy technology is very wide used in the gun.Such as 12.7 mm M85 machine guns, liners, blocking machine, the latch and other 22 kinds of powder metallurgy parts available; 12.7 mm the M2 machine gun of the slide rule, bracket, charging and other 12 parts of powder metallurgy parts available; 7.62 mm M60 machine guns firing pin rod, ammo rod, the front and rear sight of 18 kinds of parts can be made of powder metallurgy.

Metal powder injection molding of gun fire resistance of iron is 4340 steel powder metallurgy parts, hardness of 38 to 42 HRC after heat treatment. M16 laser aiming system of adjustable knobs also use brass, steel, and stainless steel powder metallurgy parts.

Powder metallurgy parts is becoming more and more widely applied in tank armored vehicles. The US XM – 1 tank engine gear are the powder metallurgy parts, fully qualified performance, and can reduce the cost of about 60%. Differential M15lA2 military vehicles, side gear, shaft gear, gear pairs are the powder metallurgy parts, its performance is very good, decrease the cost by 30%.M60 tank gear driving system adopted 4620 steel powder metallurgy parts. Military vehicle brake pump piston, sintering of iron powder metallurgy parts is better than aluminum product performance, improve product life.