The characteristics of MIM vacuum sintering furnace and components

The characteristics of MIM metal injection molding vacuum sintering furnace and components


Metal injection molding (MIM) technology in the production of complex parts, its application field has covered a wide variety of different industries.


As the increasing demand for high quality parts,MIM technology has spread to all walks of life, such as automotive, medical equipment and mobile phone manufacturing.MIM products suitable for high power density of the field (such as modern car engines, powertrain and machinery)which requirements of compact structure, small mechanical system, because MIM process can provide greater innovation potential and higher production efficiency, in addition, complex MIM parts also play a lot of advantages, such as it can also reduce the notebook computer and mobile phone assembly time.


To meet the requirements of the MIM industry of technology and the relevant specification the need of continuous development, we must explore the MIM process equipment on the accuracy of the essence and efficiency of the growth of the space.Current restrictions such as parts of mechanical and chemical properties, and optical appearance limit is mainly caused by the following aspects:


1) the uneven contraction (geometric deformation)
Powder and raw material mixing unevenly;
Injection and/or the first skim phase density fluctuations caused by;
Uneven temperature sintering furnace.
2) chemical decomposition and discoloration
Imprecise process gas management;
Binder in the second degreasing link again deposit;
The remaining sintering furnace pollutants.


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