The cost calculation of PIM

The purpose of cost calculation can be divided into three categories.The first is in conceptual stage, the purpose can be simplified to evaluate potential design or design process, also can be used as indicative pricing.The second type is in the quotation stage, then need to prepare a detailed requirements, the sellers detailed calculation and quote accordingly.Finally, once the production has begun, cost calculation is needed, to evaluate the different production processes, raw materials, or the difference between batch size.

PIM production cost calculation requires knowledge of the details.Accordingly, in the quotation we have twice the cost difference, depends on the specific equipment, production processes, production license fee, process productivity, procurement efficiency, interest, commissions on all sales, research and development projects, trade association fees, geography of external and equipment.In addition, the profit margin is significantly different (and sometimes there is a design decision), the price of some small companies products is determined by its value,not the cost.Based on this reason, simple shapes PIM products are usually in the equipment has been fully depreciated old factory production of low cost, no R & D,the site is also where the economy is not developed.However, these companies in the new material, the strict tolerance, a new forming technology or complicated parts manufacturing uncompetitive.Therefore, the cost is one aspect of the PIM is difficult to understand – the cost of the PIM between different production, even the difference is very big between different design.Accordingly, it is difficult to provide a rule of thumb for industrial situations similar as precision casting, injection and molding.

Many parts have been successfully from other processes into the PIM, and the cost decreased by 30%.For hard materials (such as high strength stainless steel, electronic packaging materials, oxide ceramics, carbide ceramics, and metals, and refractory material), as compared to machining, PIM has been shown that the cost can be reduced by at least 75%.Some devices automobiles, computers, business machines, medical instruments, electronic systems and industrial appliances respect for sometimes 20 times the cost can be reduced.PIM sometimes lose some project — — often lost to automatic machining center or engineering plastics. In different materials, technology and the PIM is always present between push and pull of the competition.