The development of powder metallurgy materials and products

In terms of raw materials, powder metallurgy materials is not a single iron powder, electrolytic copper powder and so on, our country has to produce atomized iron powder, stainless steel powder, high speed steel powder coated metal powder and various elements of MIM powder, ceramic powder, etc., basically can satisfy the customers need the high intensity of parts, also can produce special purpose raw material powder, greatly expanded the powder metallurgical products, but in terms of quality and variety and abroad still have difference.
In terms of powder metallurgy equipment, in order to improve product quality, shorten the gap with foreign production level, the introduction of the enterprise, the purchase of foreign powder forming press, sintering furnace, mold processing and testing equipment, digestion, absorption and transformation equipment.
In terms of powder metallurgy products, has been able to produce high strength and complicated shape of powder metallurgy parts, such as car kit with timing belt wheel, motorcycle gear structure parts, etc.