The development trend of the MIM process

(1)The technology and engineering capability in-depth 

understanding, the formation of eco industrial chain, 

industrial chain to accelerate the development of Baotuan 

resistance risk.

(2) the multi direction development of the material system

Metal Injection molding technology is ideal, can be 

economical to form, close to the final need shape, the need 

for a small amount or do not need subsequent processing of 

near net shape forming technology. Mainly used in the 

production of precision ceramics carbide, metal ceramics, 

inorganic non-metallic ceramics, oxide ceramics, metal 

compounds, etc..


(3) the diversification of binder and the multi way of skim 


With acetic acid fiber, polyethylene glycol polymer, 

acrylic polymer, agar as the matrix, many of the binder 

system has been further development and application. 

Computer aided control of thermal skim technology, solvent 

absorbent, catalytic technology, and freeze drying 

technology, microwave assisted drying technology are used 

in the study of adhesive.

(4) more advanced, more accurate control of the equipment

The research and development of the computer aided key 

equipment technology of the key equipment of the key 

equipment of the key equipment of the computer aided 

research and the development of the key equipment of the 

key equipment for the research and development of the key 

equipment for the research of the computer and the relevant 

online quality control system for injection molding 

machine. Forming equipment, such as powder synchronous 

injection molding machine, the use of control and 

coordination of the production of composite materials.