The injection cost

Each injection parts cost depends on the injection cycle and cavity number. when injection it is need to consider the mould installation cost.but once the mold after the installation,for an injection machine there is a standard number  between the loading and unloading mode,such as the cost of $25 / H, and injection of the average cost is $45 /H. Other expenses are machine depreciation, venue rental, electricity, labor, management fees and profits. In order to let these charges split into more parts, people expect to use more cavity mould, it can efficiently produce multiple parts in each injection. The high cost of more hole mold can be cut down by injection unit parts cost. The cavity is largely determined by the number of parts required for manufacturing,but may be limited by the amount of the injection machine or the clamping force of the injection. In manufacturing ceramic insulators and carbide wear-resistant nozzle, has been used up to 40 cavity mould.
PIM parts manufacturing is the mold up to eight holes. Along with the increase of the number of mold cavity injection would reduce the cost, but the cost of the mould will increase. For the annual output of 1 million parts need to be adopted four cavity mould. Most of the manufacturers of each injection machine can inject 1 million – 2 million times a year, so the hole mould can produce more and more. At present, the use of a 30 acupuncture point injection machine and mold, 24 h a day’s work, it can produce 700 parts per month. From another perspective, productivity of injection process, people’s goal is to realize the PIM industry each injection machine output value reached $1 million a year. In order to reduce the cost of injection is an effective measure by strengthening cooling, to shorten injection cycle. Rapid cooling can shorten the injection cycle, or in the unit hour endogenous output more products. So the individual parts injection cost decreased. Considering the heat conduction, cooling time is proportional to the square of the wall thickness and parts. Therefore, thin wall parts are the PIM. For parts of 125 mm wall thickness , cooling time is 5 min. So slow injection cycle cost up to $2 / piece, this is why the wall thickness of parts is usually not the PIM method processing.
Another kind of lowering the cost of injection method is to use hot runner system, the mold flow path between the injection cycle has been the hot condition. Hot runner system for the production of large batch of PIM parts production.The other side of the mold change is injection cost.In the production of injection molding, in injection molding machine equipment mould time within 10 to 30 min.
Unfortunately, a lot of long time of the mould PIM, usually of the order of a few hours, for a short period of operation, which greatly increased the cost of individual parts.

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