The Metal Injection Molding Mould Design

Sofine Gina Ability
Metal injection molding mould design and manufacturing is the core technology of Sofine GIAN.This ability allows us to lower the cost of producing high-quality MIM (metal injection molding)products.We have enough capacity to deal with customers design change to meet customer demand.Our advanced equipment and experienced technicians enable us to complete the mould manufacturing, monthly mould for 50-80 set.

Sofine GIAN factory owns high precision welding mold and accessories, measuring manufacturing technology.We through continuous investment in the latest equipment and technology to improve our production speed and accuracy.
(1) Sofine Gian imported high-speed CNC milling machine from Europe and Japan, are used to cut copper and graphite edm electrode.
(2)short construction mould processing hard mould technology.
(3) master extremely accurate modern wire and sinking edm technology.
(4) fast accurate conversion machine tools and processing system.
(5)to eliminate deviation prediction error of the tool machine structure system.
(6)testing mold cavity and electrode scanning head testing equipment.

(7)Once use of environmental temperature control precision grinding technology.

Pre-sale technical
Sofine GIAN MIM mould technology by master design and engineering team.The team was able to turn your ideas into reality.Our strict management of the engineering team familiar with production, injection mould, fixture, and the design of the measuring instruments and other technology.We use 3D software to work such as ProEngineer and SolidWorks.We provide a full range of product design services, including industrial design, FEA, 3D process analysis and mold flow analysis, etc.
GIAN professional market business team professional services in various areas, set up sales and service in Asia and North America are services.