The Metal Injection Molding Process

The MIM technology overview
Metal injection molding (MIM) is a typical subject of transboundary product of MIM technology will be two different ways of processing, plastic injection molding and powder metallurgy).Enables the designer to get rid of the traditional bondage, for a low price in the form of plastic molding, stainless steel, nickel, iron, copper, titanium and other metal parts, which have greater than many other production process design space.

Pre-sale assessment
Sofine Gian pre-sale team will determine product for you in terms of cost, materials, manufacturing feasibility is appropriate for the MIM process.Gian may also give advice through the MIM design change in order to achieve the best effect.

The raw material
Special metal powder (microns) polymer blend with high quality, through the accurate control of the preparation process, the formation of MIM special feeding.Compared with traditional powder metallurgy, metal powder (microns) particle size and low impurity content ensures that the MIM sintered density amounted to 98% of theoretical density;, and the special configuration of various polymer which can provide good liquidity injections when also can ensure efficient degreasing ability.

The injection
We will use injection machine heat MIM feeding and filled into the mold cavity, get the MIM injection billet after cooling.Accord with the characteristics of MIM mold with reasonable matching process is the key to this process.

Using professional degreasing furnace to remove the main binder, injection residual skeleton binder to maintain product shape to skim a move to burn stages.

The sintering

In MIM or vacuum furnace atmosphere furnace, removing the skeleton binder, and near the temperature of the melting point metal powder density into full metal body, the cooling is almost finished in the shape of sintered parts.