The MIM and other metal processing

Products high dimensional accuracy, not for secondary processing or only a small amount of finishing
Injection molding process can be directly forming thin-walled, complicated structure, the product shape is close to the end product requirements, size tolerance parts generally keep around + / – 0.1-0.3 mm.Especially for lower difficult to machining carbide processing costs, reducing the loss of precious metal processing is of great significance in particular. 
Products uniform microstructure, high density, good performance
In pressing process due to the mold wall and the friction between the powder and powder and powder, pressing pressure distribution is very uneven, has led to the suppression of blank in the micro organizational uneven, this will cause suppression of powder metallurgy parts in the process of sintering shrinkage is not uniform, so had to reduce the sintering temperature to reduce this effect, so that the products large porosity, material density difference, low density, seriously affect the mechanical properties of the product.Molding process and injection molding process is a kind of fluid, the existence of the bonding agent to ensure uniform arrangement of powder which can eliminate blank micro organizational uneven, and then make the density of sintered products can reach the theoretical density of material.Normally suppress products the highest density of only 85% of the theoretical density.Products of high density can increase strength, toughness, ductility, conductive thermal conductivity improved, magnetic can improve.High efficiency, easy to implement mass and mass production
MIM technology used in metal mould, its life and engineering plastic injection molding mold.Due to the use of metal mould, MIM is suitable for the mass production of parts.Due to the use of injection molding products blank, greatly improved the production efficiency, reduce the production cost, and the injection molding product consistency, repeatability is good, thus provides the guarantee for mass and large scale industrial production.For wide range of materials, wide application field
Can be used for injection molding has a very wide range of materials, in principle, any hot water the knot of powder materials can be caused by MIM process parts, including the traditional manufacturing technology of hard processing material and high melting point materials.In addition, the MIM also can undertake material formula according to the requirement of the user study, making any combination of alloy material, the composite material molding parts.Application field of injection molding products has reached the national economy in various fields, have broad market prospects.Performance and cost analysis of injection molding products
MIM technology uses the micron grade fine powder, can accelerate the sintering shrinkage, helps to increase mechanical properties of the materials, prolong the fatigue life of materials, and can improve the resistance to stress corrosion resistance, and magnetic energy.